Updated: 3/11/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Guinea pig sitting down eating veggies, [music]"Wow, I'm hungry and tired of vegetables."
  • He is sitting the opposite way and is wondering what he should eat."I wonder what else we have."[music]
  • He walks into the kitchen and looks in the pantry for a snack but he can't decide and the sound of a tv is in the background, its a doritos commercial. "What's that?" He watches the doritos commerical.
  • The guinea pig gets on the computer and goes on Amazon and buys the doritos because hes a pet and can't drive."I'm going to buy some Doritos! They look delicious."He buys them.
  • The package for the doritos comes and goes onto the porch and gets the box. He opens it and theres doritos."Yay! They're here, now I don't have to eat boring food anymore."
  • He goes into the kitchen and opens the Doritos "These are so yummy I'm glad I found out about them I recommend them."