FIU Group Assignmemt
Updated: 3/12/2020
FIU Group Assignmemt

Storyboard Text

  • (2c) New!
  • (3a) Books, something we need to know, learning new things
  • (3) Ok.. What does education means?
  • (2b) Strong!
  • (1) Good morning class, today we are going to talk about quality education.
  • (2) Who knows what quality means?
  • (2a) Something Good!
  • Can I go first!!
  • When is lunch, Im hungry!
  • Now we are going to do a small activity
  • Yayy!
  • More updated school equipment!
  • More money to buy school supplies
  • Trained teachers & more fun educational activities
  • We are going to match words and pictures on ways to make our school better!
  • Better books, computers and laptops