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Updated: 5/18/2020
Everything Everything

Storyboard Text

  • "Basically, I'm allergic to the world" (3 Yoon)
  • "The ocean. It's bluer, bigger, more turbulent than I'd imagined" (196 Yoon).
  • Maddy has a severe immune disease called SCID. She is unable to leave her house. Maddy spends her time reading books and loves architecture.
  • Ms. Whittier, You probably don't remember me. My name is Dr. Melissa Francis... I don't believe you have, or have ever had, SCID Best regards,Dr Melissa Francis(262 Yoon)
  • Olly moves in next door to Maddy, "His family calls him Olly" (25 Yoon). Maddy and Olly begin to communicate through their windows and texting. Olly comes inside without Maddy's mom knowing.
  • After communicating for a long time, Maddy wants to leave and "feel alive". Maddy books her and Olly plane tickets to Hawaii, and convinces him to go. While they are in Hawaii Maddy gets severely sick and goes to the hospital. They later come home, but aren't talking to each other because of Maddy's mom's close supervising. Olly later moves away.
  • "The smile he gives me is worth living for" (305 Yoon).
  • Maddy receives an email from the doctor in Maui questioning her sickness. Maddy confronts her mom, but she says it is just a mistake. Maddy searches and searches for paperwork that she has SCID, but doesn't find anything, "Where's the proof of the life I have lived" (273 Yoon). Maddy finds out that she doesn't have SCID.
  • Maddy is able to make her own decisions. She books a plane ticket to New York City to see Olly. Maddy's mom tries to get her to stay but she goes. Maddy says, "She cried then, but she let me go" (301 Yoon)
  • Maddy arrives in New York City. She tells Olly that there is a present waiting for him at Ye Olde Book Shoppe. Maddy and Olly reunite.