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The World on the Turtles Back
Updated: 9/4/2020
The World on the Turtles Back
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  • In the beginning there was a pregnant woman and man in the sky world the woman wanted bark from the great tree so she asked her husband to get her some although he felt it was a bad idea.
  • The husband decided not to get his wife any of the roots so the wife decided to do it herself but digging up the root caused a hole in the sky world and the woman fell threw it.
  • The birds caught the woman and put her on the sea turtle back. Then the animals helped to her get soil to plant the roots allowing her to create the world.
  • The woman gave birth to her daughter and her. Her and daughter continued to walk in circles creating the World. The daughter gets pregnant with twins.
  • The right hand twin was born normal and the left hand twin was born through his mom left armpit and killed her. The twins created the creatures of the world. The right hand twin created the plant eating animals and the left handed twin created the carnivore animals. The right hand twin created man then the twins battle.
  • After they fight for many days the right twin wins and thinks he killed his twin but he didn't die the right hand twin got his body and threw it off the edge of earth. The grandmother was upset with the right hand twin and with the rage the right hand twin kills his grandmother now her head becomes the moon watching her favorite grandson.
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