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Updated: 9/25/2019
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Storyboard Text

  • SFX : Jet Ski engine, and then stopping. SOT : thud. Connor: get on, we’re losing time. Zac: I’m coming.
  • SFX: rope rubbing against itself, and wind blows.Connor: don’t forget the jackets
  • SFX: rustling. Connor : hurry up we’re drifting. Zac : Idiot
  • LS : Jet Ski pulling up to dock, camera pans left and reveals connor standing on the boat with all his stuff
  • Action music fades in and out. Connor: Grab On!
  • CU: Kameron is crouching untying the boat from the dock. Zoom out to OTS: Kameron walks back and grabs the jackets
  • SOT: Kameron panting. Zac: Jeez, that was close.Kameron: We came here to fish, that’s what we’re gonna do.
  • MS : Boat starts to drift away, camera pans right Kameron still grabbing the jackets, the camera zooms to a LS showing the boat 5 feet from the dock, Kameron runs and jumps
  • SFX Boat engine whirring. Zac: Good spot.SFX Casting noise. Kameron: Fish on! SFX Reel spinning. SOT Fish flapping
  • 4:33 PM
  • FX: Slow motion CU: Kameron is over the water feet kicking as he approaches the boat, he doesn’t look like he’ll make it. Zooms out to MS and his upper body bangs lands right on the edge, barely supporting him.
  • CU: Kameron pulls himself up and is sitting down, but he’s holding his leg. The camera tilts down to reveal a huge cut in his leg.The camera then zooms out to a LS revealing the nail in the side of the boat. FX fade to black.
  • FX: fade back into LS of sun beaming onto lake FX Title: 4:33 PM fades in. A boat approaches, FX title fades out. All 3 boys are still fishing. Zoom into Bust Shot of Kameron setting the hook and starting to reel. He pulls up his rod and grabs the fish. He points it at the camera and fade to black
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