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Through the Tunnel
Updated: 4/2/2019
Through the Tunnel
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  • Jerry and his mother were on there first day of vacation and walking down the rocky bay and over to the crowded beach.
  • WOW! This place is so cool!
  • Jerry explores around the bay and soon sees a group of boys about the same age diving off of rocks.
  • C'mon guys! Dive in!
  • What are those boys doing? That looks fun!
  • After seeing the boys diving multiple times, staying underwater for a long time, and swimming through the underwater tunnel, Jerry wanted to try it for himself.
  • Here I go! I have to do what they are doing.
  • That was fun!
  • Jerry was practicing his breathing underwater for so long so that he was able to swim through the tunnel that the boys were, he was continually getting bloody noses. His mom was concerned.
  • MOM!!
  • Oh not again. You need some rest.
  • Jerry goes through the tunnel and it is very hard for him to breath. He was very low on breathes and knew he just had to keep swimming.
  • I can barely breath!
  • Oh no! This isn't good.
  • Jerry eventually made it through the tunnel, but not easily. He left his vacation with the personal satifaction of making it through the tunnel.
  • I can't believe I just did that awesome and scary thing.
  • Time to leave! Oh my, are you ok?!?!
  • But, i'm glad it's over with.
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