Updated: 10/6/2021

Storyboard Text

  • The story revolves around two characters – the maid and the cobbler.
  • One evening, a girl is caught in the rain and stumbles upon Barranco, a small shop, for shelter. The cobbler that lives in that shop is surprised for her sudden appearance but then lets her stay in because the rain outside is still pouring heavily.
  • The girl has explained how she arrives to his shop that rainy night. She has been running away from her señorita’s house. The cobbler becomes terrified after hearing that the señorita’s younger brother has harassed the girl that night. Because of that, he promises to marry her, but they have to wait until he saves enough money for the wedding.
  • They are happily living together. However, not a word about marriage has been said since that day. They plan a simple wedding and having many kids in the future.
  • One morning, while the cobbler is away for his work, the señorita has arrived at their house. They are talking about why the maid left her house without her knowing. as they talk along the senorita has been lean money for the maid and consider it as a return for her hard work to her and all service that she had done to the senorita.
  • The girl is so happy as she talks about her new life with the cobbler and their plan to marry later on. As they dream to get married and live their life happily.