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Social studies porter
Updated: 9/27/2019
Social studies porter
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  • Patriots
  • Loyalist
  • Native americans
  • They live in the lowcountry ,they supported independence , They were low country elite, They fought against british
  • Slaves
  • The loyalist were from the upcountry, Some weren't necessarily loyal to the king, some were upcountry settlers who wanted to be left alone and did not trust the low country, a large number of loyalist contributed to more battles n South Carolina than any other colony,at the end of the war many loyalist left south carolina for the carribean or Canada while many others were forced out and fined.
  • Free Africans
  • Native Americans tribes avoided the war. Americans attacked them, Then they joined with the British. The British promised the return of western lands to the natives, leading the Cherokee and others to attack the colonist.
  • Enslaved Africans
  • Slaves Continued to work on the fields, some were in the military.Militias Recruited slaves for aditional power. They werent able to get a job anywhere But they were only able to work in non militar as cooking
  • African Americans Seved as soldiers in the continental Army.African Americans did fight against the british with partisan bands, Such as those led by francis Marion.
  • South carolina did not offer slaves their freedom in exchange their service in the army, slaves fought on the side of the british due to the king.
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