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Updated: 3/18/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Hi I'm Kaylee and I will let you see the life of a kangaroo.
  • Cut! Kaylee Sasha's here
  • You might think that a kangaroo's life is easy but it's not, we have predators like eagles, African wild dogs, tigers, foxes, and humans. I'ma let you into our secret life. Hope that you enjoy the show and learn a lot here on kicking with kangaroos, hosted by me, a kangaroo. It's funny how I'm the only kangaroo in the world with a tv show.
  • Sasha: plays instruments, favorite color's purple, favorite food's pizza, loves sports and art, favorite animal's me, and is top in all her classes.
  • Ok, this is one of my cousins. He's quick on his feet. He managed to escape the wild dogs with only a bite mark on his tail. I know that they are Geman Shepards but we don't have African wild dogs in America so we have to work with what we have to recreate what happened. My cousin was one of the strongest and bravest in my family. He..
  • Its ok Kaylee, you can go play. I'll be right here, everything will be fine.
  • I didn't lie when I said that I have my own tv show. It's not easy to manage, not just because I'm a kangaroo or a baby. Having your own show means it has to be interesting and entertaining so people will watch or buy it so you'll make money. I don't need the money but my human does and I want to make her happy. I owe this teen everything.
  • Sasha took me in when all humanity was against me. Humans shot down my mom. They kill kangaroos for their meat, they put it in pet food and some human products for consumption. It's true, look it up! When Shasha found out that I could talk, she showed the world by letting me have my own reality tv show, Kicking with Kangaroos.
  • I have always been afraid of guns and strange people since my mom died. I will only go around other people if Shasha says that it is ok, and tells me that there is no need to be afraid. I don't ever want anything to happen to her. Since she saved me, she's been like family to me these past 2 years. No one can ever replace her.
  • I love to go Ice skating with Sasha, her brother Josh, her friend Riylee and Riylee's brother. Josh isn't very good at ice skating, somehow he always ends up doing the splits. Getting ice cream always cheers him up after an unsuccessful skating trip. My personal favorite is peanut butter ice cream with caramel, whipped cream, and sprinkles. YUM!!!