Updated: 11/8/2018
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  • All was peacefull in the wizand world. the four founders built a school called hogwarts. they lived in peace and harmony untill 3 of the founders passed away bu the lanst one had a daughter. the girls name was rebela and one of godrics good friends had a son his name was Harry Potter.
  • Harry and Rebela were great friends when they were kids. but one day the evil lord Voldemort killed harry and rebelas parents. then he tryed to kill harry and rebela but he couldent. voldemort was gone.
  • So harry went to his aunt and uncle harry was not happy there their his aunt and uncle made him do all the work. like a slave when rebels was sent to live at Hogwarts and train with the headmaster to be a leader like her father.
  • 11 years went by, harry and rebels where grown up. it was time for harry and rebels to attend Hogwarts. harry got to hagwarts and was sorted into Grffindor. their when harry say rebels his scare burned and rebels did. when that happened he asked questions. the people said she is a very powerful person and she is very nice and won't hurt anyone. when the years at Hogwarts came by the 2 were good friends with there other 2 friends Ron and hermione.
  • then the 4th year came it was the year of the tiwizard tordement and harry name was chosen. but how he isn't sopoused to be in harry survives the first 2 challenges. but can he survive the 3rd. when harry misaconly touched the tiwizard cup and Voldemort had returned. he fought and was losing but rebels came and they fought until Voldemort killed the boy who stumbled into the graveyard when harry touched the cup.
  • when they got back to Hogwarts it was tragic for someone died. the new 3 years went bu and the final battle came Voldemort had burned down Hogwarts. but then harry and rebels fought with all of there heart and strength. and won Voldemort was gone and all of his followers were capturched and sent to askaband. now everything was peaceful again. or is it.
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