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Social Studies Story Board
Updated: 4/17/2020
Social Studies Story Board
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  • I don't know how to help you Britain you need troops to fight right wait we can make the lend lease act which allows me to lend you soldiers
  • Thank you so much Mr Roosevelt
  • I President Franklin D Roosevelt will halt the shipments because the Japanese being aggressive
  • Good Morning class we will be talking today we will be talking about Richard B Russel and Carl Vinson lets start with Carl Vinson served 51 years in the house of representatives and Carl B Russel served as governor and senator for 7 years straight but there is more during ww2 they brought a huge military to Georgia
  • Today we are on our trip to the museum but i have a quick mini lesson while we are on the buss we will be talking about the two mayors William B HeartsField and Ivan Allen Jr they changed Georgia drastically they made Georgia modern with the the transportation system and the sports team
  • Today we will talk about the Governor Race of 1946 this event was know as The three Governor Controversy Eugene Talmadge died from an illness so his son was running for governor and he won then Ellis Arnall did not accept the results so he resign so that lieutenant governor Melvin Thompson could take over. A legal contest began between Talmadge and Thompson. In 1947, the Georgia Supreme Court ruled that the General Assembly’s action was wrong, and Thompson was legally governor of the state after Arnall’s resignation. However, Thompson’s victory was short-lived because a special election was called in 1948, and Herman Talmadge won
  • By Kareem Stephens 6B4/17/20
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