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Beowulf project
Updated: 9/20/2018
Beowulf project
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  • The Epic Of Beowulf
  • one night the Geats were having a party. the noise so big that it upset Grendel . Grendel came to the hall that night and attacked them all.
  • what is that?
  • Beowulf and the deans sailed the sea to Hrothgar to get rid of Grendel, who terrorized those at night.
  • i heard they have a monster terrorizing the town and i'm going to get rid of it!
  • Beowulf and his men waited for Grendel to arrive to attack. once Grendel arrived, Beowulf and him started to fight and ended with Beowulf by ripping off Grendel's arm, who later died.
  • Beowulf goes to Grendel's mother to fight. Beowulf spots a sword that had been made by the gods and slices Grendel's mother head off. the Geats had returned home thinking Grendel's mother had killed Beowulf.
  • you were the one who killed my son! ill have my chance to kill you now!
  • Hrothgar i bring to you Grendel's head
  • Beowulf returns to Herot and shows Hrothgar Grendel's head. Beowulf then becomes ruler of the Geats for 50 years.
  • sleeping dragon is woken by someone who steals his treasure. he attacks the people at night searching for the thief and his treasure. Beowulf then goes to fight the dragon where he's destined to die. Wiglaf came to Beowulf's aid and made his last wishes come true.
  • i won't allow you to attack my people
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