Updated: 11/2/2020

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  • how much is the total?
  • 1,385 pesos madam,discounted 10% for you.
  • oh, thank you so much sir!
  • you do not need to sign in ma'am, please come inside.
  • she accepted the man's sercive without question, as if he had been standing at the doorway of the olongapo office building waiting for her.as if she knew he would head into the downpour, open his umbrella, hold the tenuous shelter of it over my head, and walk to my pace, getting wet himself.she accepted his work without a "salamat po".
  • I need to go to restroom, It's too crowded in here!
  • whenever she use checks, credit cards or cash, she can count on her skin color not to work against the appearance of financial reliability.
  • what?
  • what do you call a fake noodle?
  • she wandered onto a fence-in, exclusive university campus for the sole reason that it was a nice walk, and she wanted to be there. the guard smiled and he did not required me to sigh his security book.
  • In a live, crowded theater, she crossed a restricted area to use the much less crowded staff restroom. The four guard said nothing.
  • whenever she visit tandang sora, she always bring dessert.Her cousin always feed her sopas, chicken, tilapia and ect.
  • An impasta!WAHAHAHA
  • In the end she call the overcharges her "dayuhan tax".her foreign tariff.The extra cost she owe for the postcolonial privileges of her face.
  • I suspected my whiteness continues to be a kind of cheating in the modern philippines.