First war world 2

Updated: 7/28/2020
First war world 2

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  • First phase (1914)
  • Several declarations of war occur in August 1914: at the beginning of the month, Germany declares war on Russia and then on France. On 4 August, the United Kingdom declared war on Germany. A day later, the Austro-Hungarian Empire declared war on Russia.
  • Second phase (1915-1916)
  • Fights over territories that left many dead and wounded, this happened in sparsely populated and rural areas. " territorial conquests" were very slow.
  • Third phase (1917-1918)
  • Russia exits the war in 1917, and the United States enters the war to support the Triple Entente.
  • Consequences
  •  Died, approximately 9 million people (between civilians and military).
  • Disintegration of the Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian Empire
  • Development of various weapons of war, such as war tanks and airplanes.
  •  development of industrialization
  • Effect 1: Signing of the Treaty of Versailles
  • Effect 2: formation of the league of nations
  • Was an international diplomatic group developed after World War I as a way to solve disputes between countries before they erupted into open warfare.
  • Signing of the Treaty of Versailles which imposed a series of sanctions on the defeated Germany.