DD pt2

Updated: 3/29/2021
DD pt2

Storyboard Text

  • son dinner is ready
  • this is not right i cant let anyone find out about this
  • i cant believe i did that !
  • *math homework, algebra doc*
  • brain
  • son, for the last time what is wrong?
  • *inhale and exhale* dad there is this bully at my school called Brian, for the past three weeks he has been calling me names and making me do his homework, and worst of all, he sends me threatening messages that i can not run away from because it is on my computer, so it chases me down everywhere and i can not pretend to ignore them
  • im very proud of you for telling the truth, we will solve this problem together
  • really?? thank you dad!!
  • hey guys, you all probably know that cyber bullying is a global issue that impacted the lives of millions, and that it is very hard to overcome. but the best way to over come cyber bullying is to tell a trusted adult, because they can help you solve your problem with no trouble.