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Everyone Needs A Home
Updated: 2/20/2019
Everyone Needs A Home
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  • Yes exactly!
  • Objectives: Students will generalize that people and other animals share a basic needs to survive .
  • Did you know that we have many things in common with these animal?
  • Not in the way we look, but the way we live.
  • No way. We don't have wings like birds.
  • Like how we both eat food and sleep?
  • What would you like to learn about an animal's home?
  • What do we know about an animal's home?
  • Why do they need them.
  • K. W. L.
  • What is inside them.
  • Today, you will draw a map of your house with the things you need to live such as where you get water, store food, and where you sleep.
  • Yay!
  • Find a partner and share with them what is inside your house plan. After you are finish turn your papers over.
  • I drew my bed, and bathroom, and a sandwich
  • I drew my kitchen, my bed, and sink.
  • I drew my bed with blankets, kitchen with food, and my tv.
  • Did you know that everyone needs a home and together they are a neighborhood? Neighborhoods and local services form a community. Human communities are similar yet different from animal communities.
  • Human community: - people -schools -hospitals -restaurants -homes inside
  • -Both animals/people need homes to survive. -An animals attic can be the tree tops, and their basement can the floor. -We all need water, shelter, and food.
  • Animal community: - animals/plants - Trees - Homes outside/inside
  • Teacher takes students outside to spot animal habitats.
  • Oh look a flower! I am going to pick it.
  • No! Stop! Ms. Karina, you can't do that. The lady bug needs it to survive. It is her home. She gets food from the flower, and water from around it and it can sleep there. Just like we need our home. We all need to respect our environment to save their homes.
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