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Updated: 12/20/2019
Unknown Story
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  • Siddhartha was born in the 6th century by the queen and king, and lived in Nepal. He also grew up to live a life with no harm and was protected.
  • When Siddhartha was 16, he ventured off with his friend to the village outside the palace and was shocked by the whole scene. He saw an ill and poor person, and a corpse.
  • The life of Siddhartha GautamaBy: Karina Gonzalez
  • It's terrible isn't it?!
  • This is something I've never seen before!
  • Siddhartha got married at 16, then he became a priest. He also decided to leave his wife and kids to live an ascetic life.
  • I've decided to become a priest!
  • Siddhartha meditated alone under a Bodhi tree that he found when he went through the eightfold path. He stayed under the tree for 7 days straight without food and water until he overcame nirvana and found enlightment.
  • After his week under the tree, he spoke dharma and karma into people and telling people about his own religion about being free and fair. He also talked to women and believed everyone was equal.
  • It was very peaceful, and worth it!
  • Wow! that's great Siddhartha!
  • Siddhartha lived until he was 80 years old, and taught dharma. He wanted to lead others and believed in peace. When he died, he told his followers to not follow any single leader. Most importantly, Buddhism spread by Siddhartha creating it, and it spreading from all around the world from Asia, China, Japan (etc.)
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