Geometry for Dummies
Updated: 3/10/2020
Geometry for Dummies
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  • This parking lot is so confusing. I just want to know why these lines are like how they are, and what these shapes are made of.
  • You are so silly! Let me teach you about these parallel lines, perpendicular lines, right angles, and the points where the lines intersect that make up the parking spots.
  • These two lines are PARALLEL to each other. This means that they are two lines that run along side each other, but never touch. If you follow the lines you'll see they have no intersection.
  • These two lines are PERPENDICULAR to each other. This means that they are two lines have an intersection with a 90 DEGREE angle. This is called a RIGHT ANGLE. The VERTEX of this angle is where the purple point is.
  • These are the POINTS of intersection. Points are used to label intersections or places on a things like line segments or planes. A LINE SEGMENT is a portion of a line that is indicated by two points, like here between point green and blue.
  • Just for fun, let's go into this sketchy underpass so that I can show you what an arc is. An arc is different because it is not a straight line like the parking lot. Notice how the top of this underpass is curved. It makes and ARC, which is just a part of a circle.
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