Characteristics of Pag-ka Filipino

Updated: 10/13/2021
Characteristics of Pag-ka Filipino

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  • I feel so bad since I always get treated badly by others
  • Hey cheer up don't be too hard on yourself I'll always help you whenever you have problems after all we filipinos always help one another in times of needs
  • Hi! I am the mom of Roy the one whom you comforted. Would you help me cross the street since I'm holding so much stuff?
  • Yes, I'm his friend. Sure I'll gladly help you so that you would not have a hard time. Just be careful too while I help you cross too.
  • Hi di you hear that our government plans to make programs that can help most of the poor who have nothing to eat and that they would help fund charities too.
  • Yeah dude! I kinda heard about it especially like what they would do when those program start. Let's also contribute by donating some food for the needy especially during this time of pandemic
  • I heard that the government has already started their program it really helped so much people. All I can really say is I'm proud to be a Filipino and thankful for these values I learned especially when it came to helping others in need. After all it is our cultures as Filipinos
  • Yeah, I agree with you too! I am proud to be a Filipino and I love to help people to who are in need. I am thankful for the values I have learned and I like the culture we have of being hospitable to people even if we do not know them we treat them in a nice way.
  • Hey I would be even happier if more was done even so that they would even be able to help those who have no access to education mainly.
  • Most of our fellow Filipinos help others especially giving them opportunities to be able to study. Most volunteer especially to donate so that our fellow students would have access to good education.
  • Hey friend don't forget to park your car the right way and obey parking rules in order to avoid breaking laws.
  • Don't worry about it. I'll be really careful too.