Carbon Monoxide

Updated: 9/26/2021
Carbon Monoxide

Storyboard Text

  • Hi I'm a red blood cell driving oxygen around to do it's job in the body
  • Where is Red blood cell with my Oxygen? I can't get anything done without them.... I guess they aren't coming today..oh well..
  • Oxygen is great I love helping it get around and do it's job. Wait who is that back there?
  • Hi, I'm Carbon Monoxide. Want to ignore responsibility, ditch these losers and party with my friends?
  • Hell yes, I think I love you!
  • Hey... I thought we had something special?
  • Beat it Oxygen, you've been friend zoned..
  • Do you want to go help the brain out?
  • No baby, we don't help anyone out, we just party..
  • Oh no He's dead, what have I done?