English Civil War/Glorious Revolution Project
Updated: 10/27/2020
English Civil War/Glorious Revolution Project

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Kaitlyn Ryan 2nd Period

Storyboard Text

  • Parliament is mad at King Charles I because they want to make the laws but he said no. They also want to meet together but King Charles I won't allow that either. Oliver Cromwell took leadership of Parliament.
  • Why does Parliament not like me? Oh well, I will get them back for it.
  • Yes! I beat the king! I won! WOOHOO!
  • King Charles I gets beheaded for his mistakes. Some people are sad and others happy. King Charles I is very happy that he is getting beheaded. Oliver Cromwell Got what he wanted which was for he king to surrender so Parliament could help rule again and he got what he wanted and more. King Charles was dead to make sure he never did something like that again.
  • I cant wait to die. My father is waiting for me.
  • Charles II, King Charles I's son was crowned king in 1660. He died soon after.
  • Charles II's brother, James II took over the throne but he was Catholic and the commoners didn't want to be turned from Protestant to Catholic. They did not want a Catholic King.
  • Yay! I've been waiting for my brother to die for a while now!
  • Parliament asked Mary, James II's daughter to overthrow her father and take the crown. To become King and Queen, James II heard the plan and ran away to France. William and Mary had to sign the English Bill of Rights which made them promise that they will rule as Constitutional Monarchs.
  • The switching of monarchs was called the Glorious Revolution.Parliament got what they wanted from it and William and Mary got to be King and Queen. Everyone lived happily ever after. THE END!!
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