Updated: 1/13/2021

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  • Hmmm...smells good!!
  • I wish I can taste something that smells like that
  • I bet their food tastes delicious....
  • There was a four-year old boy who lived in a small town with his family in the island of Luzon. They always like to play outside the sun and have that contagious smile.
  • They had a rich man neighbor next door whose children rarely go outside. His house was so tall that his children could look in the window of the poor family’s house and watched them do the things they do everyday.
  • We did not.
  • The rich man’s servants were always cooking delicious food and the poor family was fond of the aroma of the food so they usually stay outside their house and savor the smell of it.
  • Your honor, may I please see the rich family and talk to them?
  • Yes, you may.
  • As day past on, the rich man started to cough at night. The children became thin, and the wife had a cough too. Then, a police went to the poor family's house because the rich man had a complaint about them. They were accused by stealing the spirit of the wealth and food.
  • When they arrived, the poor man didn't have enough money to pay a lawyer to help him. Then the trial starts, the poor man was asked by the lawyer, but he denied.
  • Is it true that you and your family have been stealing the spirit of the wealth and their food?
  • After asking the poor man several questions, it was the poor man's turn to defend his family. He asked the judge if he could see the rich family to talk to them. The the judge agreed.