How Covid-19 affected jobs

Updated: 6/14/2020
How Covid-19 affected jobs

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  • My job, working in the food industry was affected by Covid-19 when restaurants were ordered to shutdown. I work for a company that distributes food and restaurant supplies. When the work slowed down, 80% of my company was laid off. I am still hopeful my company will make it through this pandemic.
  • Schools were also affected in a big way. Schools were shut down forcing teachers to have to teach from their homes, remotely. Many teachers struggle to learn new kinds of technology. Students with limited resources, some who were already struggling, now have greater challenges.
  • Business owners were hit the hardest. Businesses that were considered non-essential had to close. Many hair and nail salons, and small retail stores may never reopen. Essential businesses, like restaurants, grocery stores, doctor's offices, had to make adjustments to how they opperate.