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Rosa The Acrobat
Updated: 3/11/2020
Rosa The Acrobat
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  • 5ft
  • 45°
  • 22ft
  • Rosa is an acrobat who hasjust begun her career. She is practicing for a big performance and will have to be the main acrobat..She is practicing on a mat that is 22 ft long and is 5ft up in the air from the bane . Rosa knows that she has to flip at a 45 degree angle, she lands on the mat. She wants to know how far she landed from where she jumped so she uses trig. She finds out that 5 divided by sin(45) = 7.1 ft. She was happy that she landed 7.1 feet from where she jumped and flipped.
  • 15ft
  • 45°
  • Basically just enjoy it.
  • The big night finally came for Rosa and she was super nervous be excited. This time she had to stand on top of her other team members and land farther than she did when she practiced. She was now 15ft in the air and hoped that she'd make her family proud. She knew that to land well shed had to again flip at a 45 degree angle. To find out how far she landed she used trig. She found out that 15 divided by sin(45)= 21.2 ft. Rosa was so happy and her family cheered for her.
  • 22ft
  • I freaking knew it!
  • Rosa went to practice the next day and was congratulated by her team. She knew that she had to work extra hard for her next performance which was also another new thing she'd have to do.
  • Congrats Rosa!!
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