Jonah and the Ferris Wheel
Updated: 3/11/2020
Jonah and the Ferris Wheel

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  • Jonah and his mom are at the annual carnival and Jonah really wants to ride the ferris wheel; but his mom won’t let him because of her extreme fear of heights. So he did what any other 7 yr old would: he waited till his mom wasn’t paying attention and snuck his way onto the ferris wheel
  • .Jonah tells his mom that he is hungry and asks her to buy him a corn dog while he sits and waits at the table. Jonah ’s mom is furious when she returns to an empty table and realizes that Jonah snuck off to the ferris wheel instead of staying where he said he would. So she uses trig to find out how far away she is to try to stop him from getting. She now that she is looking at an angle of 67 and she is 5 ftnft; so 5/tan(67)=3 so he is 3 ft away .But by the time his mom figures out its too late, b/c Jonah is already getting on the ferris wheel
  • Finally she began to calm down when she saw that the his ride on the ferris wheel is coming to an end because he is no longer 219 feet in the air and she waited there until he came off the ferris wheel..
  • 67
  • 5
  • x
  • She is then overcome with fear when she sees her son begin to rise into the air. She begins to panic and uses trig to find out just how high up in the air her son is. She knows that he is 3 ft away and but she first has to find out the anfgle that she is seeing the ferris wheel. She estimates that the middle of the ferris wheel is 10 ft high. So she figures out that tan-1 (10/3) is 73 degrees...
  • The end. (p.s Jo.nah was never allowed to go back to the carnival)
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  • 10 ft
  • She realizes that he isn't even at the top yet so she began to panic once again and decided to calculate the maximum height that Jonah will reach when he gets to the top of the ferris wheel. She knows that he is 3 ft away and that she is looking at him at an angle of 73 degrees. She find out that 73 (3) is 219 so he is 219 ft in the air.
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