Updated: 3/29/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Hello folks, I've an great news to you'll..Our govt declare everybody to remain in house. I'm so happy that we gonna have online class
  • Government announced whole nation is lockdown no one is allowed to go outside unless it necessary
  • So that we are not attending to class anymore in campus rite.. We can able to reduce our expenses
  • Wow that's really a incredible news.
  • Hey yea... at the same time we gonna have online lessons which we've not experience on it.. Hope everyone will score better yar.
  • Ya yah... online lesson save my time by not travelling
  • hey im so energized to go to online class
  • wow.. that's really amazing
  • Goodness.. I can't hear what lecturers teaching and my internet very slow It getting slacking in each second in case its happen every time means I can't get what my lesson is all about oh god I'm so so stressed.
  • Ohh lord...I'm so stressed.. I can't finish my assignment on the time.. because of lack of communication with my friends and online classes are not make me clarify with appropriate answers I guess physical class is more way better which I can have great communication so I can complete my assignment on time with clear ideas.
  • Gimme that bear is mine..
  • No way!! that's mine
  • Can you guys please keep quite . I'm attending my online class. You guys disturbing me.. I can't focus on my studies and you guys making me stress as well .
  • wow... online lesson makes me to save cash.