Merchant of Venice cont'd
Updated: 6/11/2020
Merchant of Venice cont'd
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  • After Portia urges Bassanio to go help his friend with her money because he needs him, Bassanio and Gratiano head back to Venice with three times the amount owed to Shylock
  • When they get there and offer Shylock the money Shylock refuses and says he only wants what was owed to him by law and that was a pound of Antonio's flesh. They tried to get him to be merciful but he refused. The Duke says that the decision won't be decided until the lawyer Bellario comes and decides what is to happen. 
  • Portia and Nerissa come to Venice disguised as the lawyer's replacement because he is sick and his clerk. Portia discusses with Shylock and telling him what is supposed to happen by law. she tells him that by law he is allowed to take what is owed to him and he is overjoyed by this
  • Poria, in her disguise then tricks Shylock into losing all his wealth to Antonio and the state and he is forced to become a Christian by telling him that if he were to let a drop of blood fall from Antonio while he was taking the pound of flesh he would lose everything. He tried to back out of it but found himself trapped and sentenced to death
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  • After Antonio is saved and given fortune again Portia and Nerissa decide to test their husbands. In disguise, they each go over to their husband and ask him for the rind they had previously given their husbands and told them to give to no one. Both Gratiano and Bassanio failed their tests which did not sit well with Nerissa and Portia. They went back to Belmont before their husbands and confronted them about it. They said that they had slept with the clerk and the lawyer to get the rings back much to their husbands surprise and astonishment. Shortly after they revealed to their husbands that they had tested them
  • After profusely apologizing for breaking the trust of their wives and and being forgiven for what they did, Lorenzo and Jessica are given half of Shylock's wealth from his will and everyone is safe, happy, and in love in the end
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