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doctor Finger pt.1
Updated: 4/27/2020
doctor Finger pt.1
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he meets the Cat

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  • I should really go back to the village, It's getting too dark to work.
  • Wrauu!!!
  • That's weird, I was sure everyone left ages ago. I should go and have a look at that. Just hope it's not grave-robbers.
  • Wrauu!!!
  • This story, I'm about to tell you is a very foreign and scary one... It's a story about one of the scariest experiences of a certain Egyptologist, doctor Finger, as he would surely describe it, if still alive.
  • Helo?!?
  • Come on, Finger, pull yourself together, you're a grown and educated man, you shouldn't be scared of some stupid noise!
  • Anyone alive?
  • Helo? Anyone t here?
  • One day, doctor Finger had to work late on unearthing his latest discovery: a wealthy Egyptians tomb, and was about to go home.
  • Hey! Stop, whoever, er, whatever you are!
  • Suddenly, he heard a nerve-wracking sound coming from the tomb, which sounded a little too much like a scream.
  • Wrau what the name of Seth are you doing in my masters tomb!!!
  • As he crept trough the library, and the rest of the tomb, all he heard was the noise, getting closer, but he never seemed to catch its source, it always slipping away like bewitched. That is, until the guards-of-the-dead room, the last one before the tomb itself.
  • Wrauu!!!
  • Doctor Finger got a glimpse of something dark, he rushed after the shadow to the last-resting-place room, and was surprised to find the thousand-years-old torches lit, the sarcophagus open and on it was sitting a...
  • To be continued...
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