ENG Dirty Paws
Updated: 3/15/2021
ENG Dirty Paws

Storyboard Text

  • Oh Henry! Every night when you come home, your paws are just so muddy. What is it that you do all day? Dig in the dirt?
  • Just normal cat stuff...
  • If it wasn't for you coming to visit every morning, I would have no friends at this school.
  • shot # 1inside the entrance of a home, night timewoman is happily petting and doting on her catcamera angle: Normal , type of shot: MS, Camera movement: Fade Out
  • Just like clockwork, here you are. I guess you want part of my lunch? But first snuggles!!
  • shot # 2school play ground, morning recessboy is playing with cat while other kids play with each other in back groundcamera angle: High Angle, type of shot: LS, Camera movement: zoom
  • Hey buddy, did you bring me a sandwich? That's so awesome. I don't know how you do it.
  • shot # 3city bus, day timecat rides empty bus, unnoticedjaunty music plays in backgroundcamera angle: HIgh angle, Type o Shot: MS ,Camera Movement: None
  • You really know how to comfort me when I'm lonely but, it's late. You better head home before your owner gets worried.
  • shot # 4office, afternoonwoman comes upon familiar cat, part of her daily routine it seems. She is about to share her lunch with him.camera angle: Normal, Type of shot: MLS, Movement: None
  • shot # 5bad part of town, early eveningcat is carrying sandwich and then brings it to man down on his luck.camera angle; Low Angle, Type o shot: MS, Movement: Pan
  • shot # 6front porch, down the road from cat's house, night timeold man sitting with the cat, lonesome for his wife that has passed.camera angle: Normal, Type of shot,: CU, Movement: Fade out