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Updated: 3/28/2018
Unknown Story
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  • Now its time to meet my daughter a licensed pediatricphysician 
  • Hi my name is Professor John, I teach medical students to become pediatricians !
  • Hi my name is Dr.Smith I am going to show you my day to day life as a pediatrician 
  • Usually my morning are spent checking on new born babies,checking vitals and checking patients status.
  • To become a pediatric physician medical students go through four years of a undergraduate program where they will receive a bachelors degree,after they receive a bachelors degree the medical students will spend another four years at medical school,after they graduate medical school the Students must complete a three year residency program at a hospital.
  • I am on my way to my office but this rain is making it hard to stay dry!I don't want to be late for a meeting.
  • After my residency I had to take the Comprehensive Osteopathic Medical Licensing Examination this test gives me a state license so Pediatric physicians can work legally. A Pediatric physician is medical practitioner that specializes in children and their diseases,these children can range from being just born to 18! You will most likely see your pediatric physician for check ups or if you are sick.
  • problem area
  • problem area
  • patient treatment plan
  • Right now we are in a meeting working on a treatment plan for a patient coming in later
  • After a pediatricians morning their afternoons are spent back at a office talking to other pediatric physicians about patient treatment,preparing for later appointments and later on seeing patients.
  • Right now I am treating the patient we made a treatment plan for earlier,it seems that she has a common cold.
  • Pediatric physicians days are usually long and stressful,as they work with many people in such a stressful environment working 50 plus hours a week,but most pediatric physicians love their job and find it very rewarding.
  • Pediatric physicians environments are always changing from hospitals,meeting rooms and appointment room's which could be a disadvantage to those who don't like a constant change of scenery,they are also always surrounded by people whether it be fellow doctors or children,this is not a job for someone who is anti-social.
  • Pediatric physicians are always on the move which is great for active people, and spend a lot of time in the office which means they help a lot of people being a great advantage to those who love to help!But with helping so many people comes a lot of stress so be prepared.
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