History storyboard
Updated: 3/18/2021
History storyboard

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  • Do da do da do, I'm going to be late to the market, I really need to buy a surprise for the village kids!
  • Oh, people found gold in the Sierra Nevada, so now every is trying get some as well!
  • Were is everyone going? When did California become so crowded. I will never be able to make it to the market with this trafic.
  • I must warn the village, no that California is getting more populated, we are going to have to share our resources.
  • Umm... hello, who are you guys? Why are you on our land?
  • Everyone is setting up camp everywhere this is the only spot available.. sorry were stayin
  • Hi were miners looking for gold.. were setting up camp here
  • Mother do you see whats happening? People are overtaking our land and crops!
  • I am sorry but we must pack up and leave at dawn... before the mob of people block our path to Iowa
  • Yes my daughter. We must migrate to some other place with acres to rome in without disturbance
  • I can't believe we must move.. hopefully things are better wherever we move