im in the ghetto ratatata ahha
Updated: 2/7/2020
im in the ghetto ratatata ahha

Storyboard Text

  • hey whats your name
  • no because your prolly in a gang
  • go i would go-but not trynna get caught
  • i promise you wont
  • hi name is falisha imma trynna go steal
  • steal it then babe
  • i want that shirt
  • Ready
  • i dont have money babe
  • ok babe cover me babe
  • no my sentence is enough
  • what gang is it?
  • you trynna join my gang
  • the 18th street
  • no decided to change my life decision
  • hey you got the money
  • hey do you kill him like i asked you too
  • no i decided to stop killing innocent people that dont deserve to die jus for there money
  • hey did you sell the drugs wheres the money
  • no i dont want to do that anymore i jus wanna live free and if u want to sell it sell it your self