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sports gene preformance task
Updated: 9/7/2020
sports gene preformance task
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  • main idea: despite not having formal training in high jumping Thomas was still very good.
  • Thomas friends made him a bet that he couldn't clear 6'6, later that day Thomas showed up and he cleared it with ease. two days later in a black tang top , white Nikes and shorts so baggy that they'd blanket the pole ,Thomas cleared 6'8.25."he cleared a 7'0.25 for a new linden wood university record"(David Epstein pg.5 paragraph 4) this helps us as readers develop an understanding to the main idea,
  • main idea:genetics can help in athletic activitys.
  • in the fifth paragraph paragraph the author states that "two months later, Thomas competed at the commonwealth games in Australia against some of the best professional jumpers in the world....(David Epstein pg,6 paragraph 5 ).as a reader this makes me infer that he was good enough to compete with PROFESSIONAL jumpers after he just began jumping off a bet.
  • after only eight months of real training in august 2007 Thomas went to Osaka for the world champion ships,during the champion ships he quickly advanced and so did the Stephan Holm the reigning Olympic champion. "it appeared that Thomas would fold in his first world spotlight"(David Epstein pg.6 paragraph 7) he was going at the same level as the Olympic champion,, in such little time b=he became on of the best.
  • in 2008 a Japanese television station asked a masaki ishkawaentist at at the neuromuscular research center in Finland to take a look at Thomas. i think they did this because they realized how good he became in such short amount of time. this here helps us connect to the idea of could it possibly be genetics? "ishikawa noted that both of Thomas's legs relative to his height and also that he was gifted with a giants Achilles tendon"( David Epstein)
  • back toem now knowing that Thomas has a large Achilles tendon this helps the central idea of how genetics can play a role. because in paragraph 14 the author says " the Achilles tendon is very important in jumping and not just in humans"(David Epstein).so him having a large Achilles tendon helps him become better jumper.
  • i believe that the central ideas gives us a very good understanding of what the authors trying to let us know in the passage. he made it clear multiple times that Thomas had little experience but was still very good . also he had a long Achilles tendon."Achilles tendon allows an athlete to get more power..."(David Epstein).all of thjis evidence helps support these claims.
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