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English project
Updated: 9/17/2018
English project
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  • "The ground beneath them was a bank covered with coarse grass, torn everywhere by the upheavals of fallen trees, scattered with decaying coconuts and palm saplings. Behind this was the darkness of the forest proper and the ocean space of the scar." (Golding 9-10) Chapter 1
  • Foreshadowing an evil within the island/ an evil to come 
  • Slowly the boys' humanity is fading away
  • "Kill the pig. Cut her throat. Bash her in." (Golding 75) Chapter 4 
  • "The thing is-fear can't hurt you any more than a dream. There aren't any beasts to be afraid of on this island." (Golding 82-83) Chapter 5
  • Whispers of the beast are starting to scare the littluns and some of the other boys
  • The idea of the beast becomes real at this point, and the hunters make a sacrifice to it. They shortly kill Simon after this murdering their one chance at realization that the monster is themselves. 
  • "They were black and iridescent green and without number; and in front of Simon, the Lord of the Flies hung on his stick and grinned." (Golding 138) Chapter 8
  • All humanity and hope of self salvation is gone. The boys ruthlessly kill Piggy and feel no remorse, they are no longer innocent school boys they are savages. They have become the beast.
  • "Piggy's arms and legs twitched a bit, like a pig's after it has been killed." (Golding 181) Chapter 11
  • The boys have become the monster they all feared. Their internal evil winning in the end.
  • "Ralph wept for the end of innocence, the darkness of man's heart, and the fall through the air of the true, wise friend called Piggy." (Golding 202) Chapter 12
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