Module 3: Instructional Barriers

Updated: 6/29/2020
Module 3: Instructional Barriers

Storyboard Text

  • Attitudes & Beliefs
  • Again??? YAY!!!
  • Good Job Johnny! Since you got everything right, you get to play on the computer!
  • I never get a chance to use the computer.
  • Lack of Resources
  • I haven't left school before dark ALL year and I always feel behind. Why is this so hard?
  • Maybe teaching isn't for me....
  • Instructional Barriers
  • What??? Is she for real?
  • Ok Class.... today we are using a new tech tool that I have to use and I want you to be completely comfortable showing your learning with this tool by the end of class. You have 20 minutes... GO!!!
  • Teachers who see technology as a "prize" for students who finish first or acquire concepts easily become a barrier to utilizing technology to reach all learners and transform learning.
  • Without proper resources, training and support, teachers are left to figure out these new tools on their own. Those who are willing will spend hours and hours sifting through all the information and risk "burning out" and leaving education all together.
  • School scheduling can become a barrier by not allowing enough time for teaching how to use tools and enough time so show authentic or transformative learning and creativity. Teachers often feel rushed to "get everything in" and the time to teach tech tools or allow for processing does not fit in on the curriculum pacing map.
  • There is no way... I give up.