ITB Stock Market Comic Strip
Updated: 3/29/2018
ITB Stock Market Comic Strip
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  • Katie Miller
  • One day, Sir Bequethin was pacing in his living room past his tin knight. Thinking about his stock market trades and stressing over how he was doing.
  • Oh dear, tis I, a failure of the stock market. Shame on me. My stocks are going down again.
  • He decided to visit his friend, Lady Nicole, for advice
  • Now I shall find Lady Nicole, for she will have the answers to my woes
  • Well there could be many problems. Is thee a day trader? Does thee own a blue chip stocks?
  • Well hello, Sir Bequithen. How is thee this fine morning?
  • Well, I am a day trader often, stocks make me nervous and I sell them right away. I don't like big companies, either: too much money risk. I'm a pretty conservative stockholder.
  • Quite terribly. You see, Lady Nicole, I have many stock certificates, but none of my stocks are good anymore.
  • Stock bad
  • Well, you should take a look at your portfolio, it may help. Thou may see that your earnings shall increaes
  • I guess I always end up investing in the bear markets, that's what my portfolio reports...
  • Portfolio, Bear Markets
  • Then, with their financial woes solved, they watched the sunset and lived happily ever after... or some cliché ending like that
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