Updated: 3/22/2020

Storyboard Text

  • I'm a songwriter. I just wrote a great song and send it to my publisher
  • I'm her publisher. It's a great track. I'm going to call my contact at Sony because it's the perfect song for Kryz' next album
  • Ring, ring...Hey Cynthia - I have this great song that will be perfect for Kryz' next album. Can I send it?
  • Sure! (...listening...)You always send the best stuff. This is great. If Kryz likes it, we'll record it and put it on the record.
  • Radio Stations
  • Kryz - check out this song. It will be perfect for your album.
  • This is fire! Let's record it.
  • So, Kryz records the song and the label releases it. Now radio stations want to play it. But they can't ONLY the songwriter and the publisher have right for public performance. So... does that mean every radio station needs to call the publisher to get permission?
  • Ascap has relationships with every radio station. Radio stations purchase a BLANKET LICENSE from ASCAP that allows them to play any song in the PRO's catalog
  • Whenever the song is played (i.e. publicly performed) on radio, ASCAP sends a certain % of the $ they collected from BLANKET LICENSES to the publisher who then shares 50% with the songwriter.