ehs proj.
Updated: 4/7/2021
ehs proj.

Storyboard Text

  • I am sick and tired of being belittled from this book of lies my husband so calls truth.
  • This blasphemy book is the reason I hit you. This is nothing but pure lies that you like to put me down with.
  • HOW DARE YOU lay your hands on me and turn my book into destroyed artwork of my faith. 
  • You shall never lay your hands on me. I am the man, you are the meir disrespectful woman I married.
  • Please my love. Please darling. Come kiss me before I let my last breath out. Oh please.
  • Darling you hit me. You disrespected me. But I am still you husband, I shall give your wish.
  • I will not obey until you show me respect and give me your meager estate. I will not listen until I receive what I deserve.
  • HOW DARE YOU LAY ANOTHER HAND ON ME. You do not possess such power over me. 
  • My darling I love you oh so much. Thank you darling for this marvelous estate. 
  • You shall have my estate. In order to fulfil my duties and this agreement between us.