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Updated: 11/20/2020
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Storyboard Text

  • There's so much traffic I'll never make it to work in time!
  • With no traffic in the bike lane, I'll be early to work!
  • The commercial opens with a Wild West Cowboy getting ready to face his battle of the day: his commute to work. The scene shows a cowboy getting dressed, close up of boots, hat, and spurs. Show the cowboy’s horse which has the name of a car such as Porsche.
  • No more public transportation for me!
  • He makes his way into the city and begins to run into the many problems that people typically face when on their daily commute. He runs into traffic on the busy roads of the city.
  • There are no parking spots and I'm already late ugh!
  • All of a sudden a man on the new GM ebike RIDE turns the corner and zooms past the cowboy in the convenient bike lane, passing all the traffic.
  • Perfect spot right out front!
  • His new RIDE bike lets him skip public transpotation and ride his bike all the way to where he needs to go. He passes the jealous cowboy and horse on his ride.
  • The cowboy finally makes it to his office when he realizes there are no parking spaces left. He panicks since he is already late to work.
  • The scene then jumps to the person on the RIDE bike easily being able tp squeeze into any spot. The commercial ends with the man on the RIDE bike whistling happily and walking into work right on time while the voiceover says, "Commute Comfortably. RIDE.".