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EDU 3282 - Week 13 Storyboard
Updated: 12/4/2018
EDU 3282 - Week 13 Storyboard
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Storyboard Text

  • Once upon a time there was a dreamer who wanted to work with inmates and teach them things that would change their life. Normal classroom settings and assignments had failed these inmates in the past. So, it was up to this dreamer to be creative and incorporate multimodal texts.
  • When the students were bored they would create beautiful artwork to pass the time (sometimes drawn in the most unusual of places) and this sparked an idea for the dreamer. What if the students could be taught new material and demonstrate comprehension via storyboards or graphic novels?
  • The dreamer knew she would have to start by teaching the basic concepts.
  • 1. Ideas 2. Outlines 3. Rough Drafts 4. Using images to support text 5. Recognition of the intended audience
  • She knew this type of project was supported by the theoretical perspectives of New Literacies and Multimodal approaches that were laid out by researchers like Donald Leu, Jennifer Rowsell, Glynda Hull, et al.
  • Final projects could be analyzed and evaluated based off of each inmates’ ability to comprehend the material and be able to reiterate it in a stylized fashion that could use to teach their peers.
  • The dreamer was so happy with this epiphany because it embraced a sociocultural approach to further the acquisition of literacy behavior inside a correctional environment. She was so happy that she couldn’t wait to go back to prison and try this new idea.
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