Sense and sensibility
Updated: 5/2/2020
Sense and sensibility

Storyboard Text

  • Introduction
  • Mrs. Dashwood, Marianne(16), Margaret(13) and Elinor(19)
  • Edward (with whom Elinor has fallen in love with)
  • Fanny Ferrars and John Dashwood
  • A new home
  • Barton cottage
  • Marianne is rescued
  • Mrs. Dashwood would soon have to leave her home, Norland park with her three daughters, because her husband had died.The half-brother of the 3 sisters (John) wanted to give them money, but his selfish wife convinced him not to.
  • An unexpected departure
  • They soon received an invitation to live on the estate of a distant relative, Sir John Middleton(40).They met him and many others, including Lady Middleton(27) and her mother mrs. Jennings.They also met Colonel Brandon(35), whom some suspected to be in love with Marianne.She thought he was far too old for her.
  • A formal visit
  • One day, when Marianne and Margaret went for a walk,it began to rain, so they ran home .Marianne fell and couldn't get up. A young man by the name of Willoughby came to help her.
  • Unwelcome news
  • I am engaged to Edward Ferrars
  • The Dashwoods and Willoughby soon became very good friends.Everyone thought that Marianne and Willoughby were engaged, but suddenly Willoughby left for London. Marianne was very upset about it.
  • A week later Edward unexpectedly came to visit.However, he only stayed for a week.They were very happy to see him, but Edward was very formal.
  • Soon two cousins(Lucy and Anne Steele) of mrs. Jennings came to visit.Elinor thought that Anne was very vulgar and she did not trust Lucy, who behaved very polite.Unfortunately,Lucy liked her and told her one of her secrets.
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