Katy Herrmann story of Islam storyboard
Updated: 2/25/2021
Katy Herrmann story of Islam storyboard

Storyboard Text

  • The story of Islam began on the Arabian peninsula, made of mostly dessert but was located near the crossroads of trade. The people traveled in nomadic tribes which led to strong military skill. Location of Arabia provided good ground for wealthy cities to take root in. One of these wealthy cities came to be known as Mecca.
  • One of the residents of Mecca, Muhammad, would go to a cave in order to meditate and escape the rebellious actions of his fellow residents. One day while meditating, Muhammad was visited by the angel Gabriel and told to recite the lords word. Muhammed went and spread his word.
  • Recite the words of the lord. You must go spread his word. 
  • Muhammad and his family had to leave the city because they were tormented for their beliefs and persecuted. some pitied them but no one helped.
  • we must leave, Muhammad
  • leave, you are hated here
  • Muhammad has blessed our city.
  • Yes, he is so welcomed here!
  • Muhammad and his family took residency in Medina after being told to leave Mecca by god. Muslims were being chased by the enemy but they were fooled. After settling in his home, chosen by his camel casper, Muhammad helped the people build a mosque and they soon developed rituals and traditions like being called to prayer.
  • Muhammad led his city as they went into battle. Despite being 300 against 1,000, the Medina army won their 1st battle. They then later lost a battle and Muhammad was injured. A great storm came, overturned fires and smashed tents. They did not take defeat, the Medina army defeated the Mecca army in battle. Muhammad made sure that all idols were smashed after the defeat of Mecca. He made his final speech and died soon after. Muhammad left all he had shown and the Karin to his followers.
  • You must care for eachother, love one another
  • Despite the death of Muhammad, Islam continued to spread and change. The teachings left in the Karin became the holy texts that are still followed today.