Unmotivated students storyboard
Updated: 4/7/2021
Unmotivated students storyboard

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Katlyn Persons storyboard

Storyboard Text

  • One day, there was a very passive student. Daisy never tried to get good scores or to better herself. She never imposed her mother's opinion, but she also never tried to listen to her.
  • Daisy, it's surely inevitable that you'll fail if you don't study. Studying is your only option. No medical school will accept you if you don't have good grades!
  • However, she shouldn't be considered a lazy student. Her grades were terrible, but her artworks contradicted the quality of her scores drastically.
  • The next day, Daisy went to school. There, her art teacher told her about an art competition he thought she should join.
  • This would be the perfect time to show off your talents and transform everybody's mind with your skills!
  • A few days later, she joined the competition and created a beautiful painting that she was extremely confident in.
  • My painting is called The Confluence of Rivers and I am very excited to be sharing it with you today!
  • Finally, Daisy was announced as the winner of the competition and was rewarded a scholarship to a prestigious art school.
  • Afterward, Daisy's teacher talked to her mom and told her some helpful advice about how to help motivate Daisy at home without being too overbearing.
  • Daisy's artworks never displease me! I only ask you to help achieve your daughters's dreams, instead of forcing her to achieve your dream of becoming a doctor! She's extremely talented! I encourage you to encourage her further!