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the thing in the sky part 4
Updated: 9/21/2018
the thing in the sky part 4
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  • So tell me Mr President, why should we Terraform Mars?
  • Well believe it or not, NASA has already landed on Mars.....well just big probes and robots to help get a head start on the transformation of mars.
  • wow!
  • On the poles Mars the robots have been heating up the ice. the ice is made up of CO2 so one melted it can create a green house effect and warm the planet enough to thaw any frozen water into lakes and streams. Also by increasing the CO2 levels we can strengthen Mars's atmosphere. 
  • No way!
  • Also the robots have found a organism called Cyano bacteria which eat sunlight and make oxygen which we can breath OR combine with other combined with other oxygen atoms to make a ozone layer. Plus when the Cyano bacteria die they can in rich the solid for farming and planting.
  • Ill do what ever it takes for humanity to survive.
  • The people you are taking are mostly scientist and engineers, but there are actual US citizens that where randomly picked to colonize Mars. 
  • Good man captain! lets start your training
  • Mr President. Plan A has Failed. The Nuke just did nothing.
  • Ill start to train right away.
  • There is no plan B. We just say that to not cause panic. We were planing that the nuke will work.
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