The Parable of the Lost Son
Updated: 12/25/2020
The Parable of the Lost Son

Storyboard Description

Modern timed parable

Storyboard Text

  • Dad, I have had it! I'm sick and tired of living here. Give me half of my inheritance, so I can leave.
  • Please, son. Reconsider, you can have whatever you want, just stay with me.
  • I can't do anything here! You'll understand when I'm rich in a few years.
  • Father, just let him go.
  • Stop crying, you're making a scene.
  • It's alright, we will see him again, soon.
  • One day, a father and his wealthy son were having an argument. The son was frustrated about his living and wanted to create a business in another country.
  • Although, the father was devastated, he respected his younger son's wishes and let him go, while the older son reassured him.
  • Soon, the younger son was gone to achieve his goals as a businessman and the father couldn't do anything.
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