kayanni storyboard

Updated: 1/17/2019
kayanni storyboard

Storyboard Text

  • Meet Gen. Her dream job is to be a zoo keeper,But one problem...she's afraid of animals. She always wanted to face her fears but never faced her fears.
  • But that all changes today. As Gen walked downstairs to get something to eat she got phone call from her local zoo. Her dream finally came true "I GOT THE JOB" Gen screams. But she forgot to mention she's scared of animals.
  • Later that day Gen gets ready for her first day at work. While putting her uniform on, she looks in the mirror giving herself a pep talk. "You can do this" Gen says after walking to her car. As she gets close to work butterflies start to form in her stomach.
  • As she gets to work she hears people screaming. As she walks around trying to find out whats going on. While shes walking she hears someone scream "a lion got out!!". She thought to herself "This is my chance to get over my fears and save the people".
  • A lion got it!
  • Whats going on.
  • "This is it" says Gen "I can save people and get over my fear!". As she gets some bate to lure the lion towards the cage she starts getting nervous. She walks towards the lion the tension gets high. She puts the bate to his nose he takes the bate and "BAM" as Gen closes the cage door and locks it. "Hooray" the people scream as Gen locks the cage "I did it and it feels great!" Gen says.