Divine Right
Updated: 9/27/2020
Divine Right

Storyboard Text

  • In the beginning of time the world was in a state of chaos and Anarchy
  • Then one day some dude waltzed in and said something along the lines of...
  • Yo, God told me I should rule and that he'd speak his command of what he wanted done through me.
  • That's a little sus but okay
  • So, this guy became the Monarch because he claimed God said it was his "right to rule"
  • Anyway, the guy eventually passed but not before confirming that his bloodline had the ability to hear Gods command and that they got to rule next, ensuring that his bloodline stayed in power
  • (King Jr. the 5th)
  • Eventually someone came along and pulled an uno-reverse and said...
  • Kay, rules are rules
  • God said it was my turn to rule
  • In conclusion, this cycle lasted for centuries letting whichever bloodline that said (and sorta "proved") that God wanted them to rule have ultimate religious and political power until people had enough and finally said "Vive la révolution"Every since then the monarchy has pretty much been nonexistent only left to bring in money from tourists.~The End~Storyline and Comic Strip made by Natalia Boring