DARE part 2
Updated: 2/18/2021
DARE part 2

Storyboard Text

  • and they know how to make wise decisions and how to be a good citizen.
  • That is great! I wish I was in D.A.R.E
  • I pledge to commit to making wise decisions about alcohol, tobacco, other drugs and violence.
  • I will use the lessons I learned in D.A.R.E. to always say no to drugs, tobacco and alcohol.
  • That's a great idea!
  • I also plan to make the best, safe and most responsible decisions in my life by...
  • always making the best decisions, say no to drugs, and standing up to peer pressure!
  • That is what I want to do too!
  • Remember! Say no to drugs and peer pressure!
  • I know I will say no from now on!