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Martine_Kayla The French Revolution
Updated: 11/22/2019
Martine_Kayla The French Revolution
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  • The Old Regime
  • divided into three equal unequal estates is the best way to go
  • Unfair Tax Burdens
  • we have no money for food its ridiculos
  • its so unfair we pay so much in tax returns
  • The Tennis Court Oath
  • we vow not to leave until we get a new constitution
  • we will live in the tennis court util we get our new constitution
  • the old regime was divided into three unequal estates these estates were divided by first, second, & third. the first estate was the roman cathlic the second estate was the nobility and the third estate was the rich they were the one to get 96% pack in all tax returns.
  • The Storming Of The Bastile
  • the french citizen think were trying to kill them
  • the swiss guard will kill anyone who touches the royal family
  • these unfair tax burdens would always leave the third estate in poverty. they didn't have money for food all the money went to the first & second estate.
  • The Great Fear
  • we fight till the death
  • we are going to kill every swiss guard
  • members of the National Assembly broke into a tennis court at the palace and vowed to not leave until they created a new constitution for France.
  • Abby Sieyes and The National Assembly
  • we need to fight for equal tax pay
  • the storming of the bastile started because Louis the xvi hired the swiss guards to protect him and his family and the french took it as he was trying to kill them and start a massacre.
  • french peasants didn't know what to think about the swiss guards so decided to act violently and broke into homes of those they owned debts too .
  • this assembly was in place for wanting a change in the unequal tax pays and wanting to change the 3rd estate into the national assembly.
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