Updated: 12/7/2020

Storyboard Text

  • In the first generation, we had trees, rain and sunshine, birds that would fly in the sky and fish that would swim in the water, all thanks to the gods we created.
  • we would paint our gods on temple walls, carve them out of wood or forge them on shining metal, but sometimes they were cruel and would drink our blood.
  • In the fourth generation due to our greed and hunger for money we created deserts. We went through wars, plagues, and famines but even after all that we didn't stop the creation of our deserts. we killed our seas and there is no where to grow food
  • In the second generation we created money. This money would be two faced. On one half was a head of a king or some noteworthy person the other side was something that would be more comforting like a animal, this money came small but every person kept it close.
  • If you had enough it was said you would be able to fly.
  • In the third generation money became the new god, it had become powerful and out of control. Though it did bring happiness to some it also brought greed and hunger for more.
  • Pray for us, who once, too, thought we could fly.
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